We keep fighting

A couple of weeks ago I posted that Kenneth Macharia, a member of Bristol Bisons gay inclusive rugby team, had been sent to a detention centre awaiting deportation back to Kenya, where he could face up to 14 years in jail for being homosexual.

Following a huge campaign and lots of media attention, the Home Office announced that they would release Ken from the detention centre and stop his imminent deportation.

Well… Ken has still not be released, and today has been told again that he will be removed imminently. It seems the HO have waited for the media fuss to die down before changing their minds. Dicks.

See article in the Bristol Post here.

I can’t imagine the kind of stress this is putting on Ken, whose mum lives in the UK. Please help the campaign to keep Ken here:

1) Share away on social media: #KeepKenHome @bisonsrfc @KikiSocials @lgsmigrantsbristol @lgsmigrants

2) Rope in any media contacts

Hopefully this kind of campaign will show the gov that we’re not having their ‘hostile environment’ and general treatment of human beings looking for a better, safer life.

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