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An urgent message to members

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As some of you may know the club and HQ (the Plough) have started to deliver free veg + fruit boxes to people in the community who are struggling to obtain fresh food (links below). The team have been crowd funding to pay for it and we chipped in £250 from the club account, the maximum that the committee can authorise without a club vote.

The demand is so high, we now want to ramp this up to 2 then 3 deliveries a week for the next 9 weeks. To do so we are applying for a grant from the Quartet Community Foundation as a partnership.

However, given the lockdown and short timescales, it’s impossible for us to hold an EGM to vote on anything and, as discussed at many previous meetings, online voting comes with a whole host of issues. Given the unprecedented nature and seriousness of the situation, WE ARE THEREFORE WRITING TO ASK FOR THE CLUB’S APPROVAL FOR THE COMMITTEE (Jody, Sal and Vern and Reps Steve T, Bex and Ian) TO ACT ON YOUR BEHALF.

The main decisions to be made are;

Do we enter into the partnership grant application? The committee feel that it seems right to pull together to support our members and community through such a rough time. We’ve discussed a number of potential issues with Kimmer, who’s working on the grant application, and are satisfied that there’s little or no risk to the club financially or legally.

Do we donate more than the £250 donated already? The veg box team have asked for a further £750, which would constitute 10% of the total budget. Again us committee folk feel that this is exactly the kind of thing we should be doing with our dosh, which we’ve been sitting on since our 2017 tournament. We can easily fundraise again when this is all over, and have a good record of making money on our tournaments.


We’re effectively asking you to override the constitution and trust us to make sensible, informed decisions that align with the club’s ethos and are what we believe the club would want. If any objections are raised, we will rethink how we might be able to get the club to vote on this, accepting that this will delay the grant application. Feedback/objections can be given to any of the committee/reps, or, or comment below.


Sally FW
Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls secretary


To order a box:

To volunteer your time:

To donate and spread the word:

Memories: Netters get their shinnies on

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Thought I’d start a series of ‘memories’* posts (as I’m bored in isolation) to take us all down memory lane together. If you have a memory you’d like to share, send it my way

So, Beesands 2015-ish. There was no women’s tourny so we’d been watching the blokes play all weekend feeling kinda jealous. Then we realised if we roped in some of the netters lasses and put a wig on wee Charlie we’d have enough for a game against the Yard ladies. Charlie was duly wigged up and Linner, Peg and Emma sorted themselves some proper shin protection using the nearest thing to hand. A tunnel of honour was formed outside the marquee and we made our glorious entrance to the pitch led by Kaz doing his best and only aerobics routine. What happened on the pitch? Who remembers, and quite frankly who cares.

I wonder which made the best shinnies, Thatchers Heritage or Somerset Tree Shaker?

*Disclaimer: my memory is not the most reliable, maybe something to do with all that cider who knows. Any amendments, retractions, clarifications or complaints, post em below.

Community veg boxes

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We and HQ (the Plough) are mobilising a free delivery service for our community during the current crisis. We hope to provide a free fruit n veg box to folks who are vulnerable, self-isolating or struggling financially due to the current pandemic and resulting economic crisis. We are aiming to provide this service 2-3 times a week for as long as it is needed throughout the lockdown.

Click this link to order a box:

Click this link to volunteer your time :

We are not asking for payment but will take donations from those who want to give. Click the Fundsurfer link below to donate and please spread the word!:

Dance for Palestine fundraiser

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Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the Cowfolk fundraiser at Easton Community Centre on 6th March. We raised £1553 for the Community Centre and a Palestinian family on the edge of a settlement who are facing eviction. The family is raising funds to develop their agri-tourism operation which is crucial to making it easier for them to make a living where they live.

And a big thanks and well done to everyone who helped organise and run this, massive team effort.

St. Pauli AntiRa 2020!

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You know you want to…

But who could forget this epic group photo!

Our friends from Hamburg and Leeds are visiting!

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Well, we invited them…

Our friends Frau Dorte Becker from Hamburg and Republica Internationale from Leeds are due to be visiting us for a long weekend 10th-13th April, yippee!

There’ll be chatting, a radical history tour of Bristol, kick-arounds, a ‘Football Welcomes Refugees’ tournament on the Sunday and of course lots of merriment in the Plough. So you have been warned!

Casual League food bank donation

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The cowgirls contributed £86 worth of foods and hygiene products to the Bristol Womens Football Casual League food bank collection on Saturday! A massive thank you to everyone for donating.

Solidarity with Rojava

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A message from the Easton Cowgirls…

“We’re the Easton Cowgirls and we stand here tonight in solidarity with the Kurdish people and Internationals that are currently in Northern Syria which is under invasion from the Turkish forces. We firstly want to send a message to our friends that are over there volunteering and tell them that we are thinking about them every day, we’re scared for them but we are immensely proud of what they are doing and we give them all of our support. We would also like to send a message to the UK government asking them to stop arming Turkish Forces. They’ve put out a message to say they are going to put a ban on sales but it’s not enough. They are still exporting arms now and will be for the next few months. So we are asking them to stop. And finally, we would like to ask all our friends and family and supporters to stand up for Rojava. Talk to your MPs, go on demonstrations and boycott Turkey. Thank you very much”


This month the Turkish occupation army and its Islamist allies began their long prepared war of aggression against the liberated areas of Northern Syria. Turkey promotes this as a military operation aimed at securing the boarder and establishing a so called “peace corridor”, but the fact is that the Turkish army and Islamic mercenaries under its command are concerned with nothing less than the occupation of the mostly Kurdish populated area along the Turkish-Syrian border. The regime in Ankara speaks of the “fight against terrorism” and emphasizes that their war of aggression is not about the war on the civilian population, but indiscriminate bombing of civilian settlements, looting and mass deportations of hundreds of thousands of people, arbitrary executions and the brutal abduction of hundreds of civilians speak a different language. The further the war against northern Syria progresses, the more it becomes clear, what Erdogan is really about, namely ethnic cleansing through the violent expulsion of millions of people and the long-term demographic change of the entire region.

For more information please visit

Cowboys in Umm Al Khair

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In cooperation with the Easton Cowboys, HIRN has rehabilitated the soccer
playground at Umm Al Khair Bedouin community.

We have replaced the goals, placed nets on them and bought a uniform for the Umm Al Khair soccer team.

After putting the goals up, a game of soccer took place. We all won !!!!!