Men’s Football Meeting

By on Jan 18, 2010 in Club News

This will be in Hawks Gym on Monday 8th February 2010 at 7pm. Contact Nige Walker if you have anything for the agenda walker. nigewalke55@...

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End Of Season Do Meeting

By on Apr 28, 2009 in Club News

There will be a meeting in on The Plough Thursday 7th May at 7 pm for people interested in helping organise the end of season do. Dave...

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Even More Football Meetings

By on Mar 17, 2009 in Team News

There will be a meeting to decide whether or not to enter a new third team into Bristol Downs League next season. It will be held at The...

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Even More Men’s Football Meetings

By on Feb 1, 2009 in Team News

There will be yet another Men’s Football EGM on Saturday 21st February at 5:30pm at Easton Community Centre. Items on the agenda...

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The Cowfolk And Watching Cup Football

By on Dec 18, 2008 in Team News

Every season 3 of the mens football teams are in 2 cup competitions and the casuals are in one. It is not unheard of for some teams to be...

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Football Meeting And Results

By on Dec 10, 2008 in Results/Reports, Team News

The mainly manly men’s football EGM was cancelled because Phil had a little oopsy on the field of play. In fact a boot stud went so...

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Men’s Football EGM

By on Oct 23, 2008 in Team News

There will be a Men’s Football Extraordinary Meeting at Hawks gym on Monday 10th November 7.30pm. On the agenda so far: Saturday A...

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