Football Meeting And Results

The mainly manly men’s football EGM was cancelled because Phil had a little oopsy on the field of play. In fact a boot stud went so far into his leg that it had to be amputated and they put a sticking plaster on it and kissed it better and everything. Baring more grizzly goings on there will be another attempt to discus the Saturday A Team moving leagues after football this Saturday (10/12/2008). The meeting will either be in The Plough or The Community Centre. For more details contact Nick D or Nige W.


The Cowgirls lost 3-10 to Filton flyers.


Both Saturday A and B Matches where postponed.

The basketball result has not been posted on the league site yet.

And neither have the netball results.


The Veteran Old Stars match was postponed.

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