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Ey up cows old and new,

There’s a new group for retired, injured or otherwise non-footballing Cowgirls.

The primary aim is for those who are no longer going to training to stay connected and keep a sense of belonging to the club – whether it’s through other sporting activities, wider club activities/tours or any other special adventure that comes our way. Many retirees are no longer on the various chats so miss out on stuff, and might also feel like they’re no longer welcome at team events if they don’t play any more – which is nobody’s fault, but this is just to plug that gap.

The idea is that it’s definitely not a place to chat football – which can be a bit sad/isolating for folks who can’t play any more.

It may also become a place where new folk who want to be involved with the ethos of the Cowgirls but for whatever reason don’t want to play football can get involved and get to know us, but we can see how it evolves.

Ask Sal FW or use the contact form to ask to join the whatsapp group.

Remember… ‘Once a Cowgirl, Always a Cowgirl’ ??

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