Republica tournament

Date: Saturday 7th August, 2021
Venue: Caribbean Cricket Club, Leeds

An invite from our buddies in Leeds…

Hello! Hope you’re all keeping well.

As we were unable to do our normal May Day tournament this year, Republica are planning to hold a 5 a side tournament on Saturday August 7th. The plan is to kick off the tournament at midday at the Caribbean Cricket Club and continue the party on there. We will be getting in lots of delicious local ales and will be putting on food for after the tournament.

We will be raising money for Andy’s Man’s Club and Leeds Survivor Led Crisis as we usually do at the May Day tournament. Entry will be £5 per person.

This will be a mixed tournament with the requirement of at least 3 female players in 7 a side team with all genders on the pitch at all times. For teams who can’t field that many men/women then we will be able to help out with swapping players to make the ratios work.

For teams coming from further afield, a few of us at Republica are happy to host and this can be for the Friday too if needs be so let us know in advance if this is what you want!

This will all be Covid restrictions permitting but wanted to put it out now so you can save the date. Please let us know as soon as possible if you’re up for attending and rough numbers. We’re really looking forward to finally meeting up again. Any questions then contact Alice or Molly from Republica via email or Facebook messenger (Pam La Brinth on Facebook).

We hope to hear from you soon! Republica

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