Support needed for local lad to remain in UK

Hello everyone. I’m trying to drum up support and perhaps get some advice for a young fella who is in danger of being deported.

He was a close friend to our family many years ago and really is a lovely guy…he has been in UK since 6 years old and no-one thought of getting his papers sorted, or getting citizenship. He is now fighting to stay in UK and has a solicitor but you all know the score, unless he manages to get some ‘support’ or manages to get the right advice the Home Office could well deport him to Jamaica.

He has a video on youtube (very well produced) which sums up his case. I’ll say it again, the guy is a diamond and so if ANYONE wants to contact me privately with some tips or ideas, or an offer of help in any way, I’ll pass the info on to him. Please reply in the comments below. Respect, Mick C

PLEASE EVERYONE SIGN THE PETITION to the home office to stop his proposed deportation here. The court will decide on his case in July.


  1. This is if worst comes to worst but there is an anti-raids network in Bristol who can help stop immigration raids ( Will ask about for more advice etc. If there’s a public campaign then also keen to help out.

    • Thanks Sam, I’ll pass on the FB site..good to know. Cheers. 🙂

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