Protection and Resistance to Genocide Network Brazil needs help!

From our friend Danilo, a member of Autônomos FC, a brazilian anarchist team that played in Europe some years ago:

“Well, as you may know, the political and pandemic situation in Brazil is awful. We are living under a neofascist government, which means that violence against the poorest, that was aleady huge, is even bigger. I’m a member now of a network called Rede de Proteção e Resistência ao Genocídio. Translating: Protection and Resistance to Genocide Network. We give social and juridical assistante to young people (and their family), usually black, from the poor neighborhoods of São Paulo, that got killed or falsely acused and imprisoned by the police – or the police militias, that are growing exponecially over here. At this moment, there are at least 140 cases that we are dealing with, and we do not have people enough to deal with all the cases – the total number is much much bigger.

Besides the State violence, these neighborhoods are the most affected by the pandemic. So, we are doing a campaign to raise money to buy masks and protective equipment, and to spread information about how to protect yourself against the virus. Vaccination here is very slow, only 20% of population got the first dose, and there are no dates for people under 55 yet. I’m reaching out to you basically to ask for donations. Our currency is very devalued, so any doantions in foreign currencies will become much more money over here.

Please feel free to contact me if you need or want any more information. My email is the same I use for PayPal and, if you use Twitter, I’m @kadjoman on it.

Thanks in advance, Danilo”

To donate, send to Danilo on PayPal.

The money will be used to buy masks and protective equipment, and to produce flyers and other materials to be used at social centres, schools etc about how to prevent infection.

For more information, see the webpage, instagram, facebook or twitter.

And a note from Cowboy Jesse…

“Hey up cowfolk, some-one who hadn’t met Danilo from Brazil asked me recently if I vouch for him in terms of sending money for the project that he mentioned… (they help people in an a poor area, predominantly of colour, victimised and often murdered by facist police and militias. Now they need money to help tackle corona virus in the same area as their governement is letting people die). So I thought I’d write this in case anyone else was wondering who the fuck this Brazilian asking me for money is?! I defintely do vouch for him, he’s totally kosher and that money will get to that good cause if you send it. I lived on his sofa and in his spare room for 3 months when skint, he charged me nothing nor paulius from FC Vova, nor the people who came and went from couchsurfers website, his mates stayed when they were stuck and we all lived with a stray dog that Danilo had rescued from the streets. Point is he’s definitely not interested in money, just a very committed anarchist who believes in sharing and helping and is constantly up to something along those lines. So if your wondering whether to send anything to him it’ll be fine. Cheers all, Jesse.”           

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