Full club AGM

Date: Wednesday 30th June, 2021
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Venue: Baggator (next to All Hallows Hall)

Baggator garden at 7pm. Bring your own chair, otherwise you might be sitting on the floor.

The proposed agenda is as follows:  

1.     Nominate and confirm committee for next year

2.     Update on actions from previous meetings 

3.     Can we add “anti transphobic” to our constitution – SFW 

4.     Cowboys Kit – Ivan  

5.     Kill the bill tournament – 31st July – Jake Lake 

6.     30th anniversary tournament ?! 

7.     Monthly / Bi Monthly Cowfolk knees up – Luke Baines  

8.     Finance review – Vic (What’s going on with internet banking?) 

9.     Zapatistas UK Tour (Can we do a fundraiser? Can we add some club funds? Are any women coming?) – Kev 

10.  CACKK goes camping update – CACKK 

11.  New Saturday men’s football secretary needed- Tom M  

12.  Danilo/Brazil fundraising – where are we with this? What else can we do? 

13.  Keep Fit club for women who want to exercise in private (at Baggator).  Can the Cowgirls help (netters and footie)? – Linner

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