A letter from Jasper

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has sent messages or made a donation to me and my family after my recent cancer diagnosis. We are totally overwhelmed by it all and we only now appreciate what kind and good people we are surrounded by. As most of you know the Cowfolk have been a big part of my life since the mid 90’s when I was press ganged on a ship called the Thekla and ended up on a bus heading to Stuttgart, I never looked back and it has influenced much of what I have done ever since. 

I played in the first Sunday teams,on the Downs for many years and laterly the casuals league. I have travelled the world, played football in Mexico, Morocco, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Poland, amongst others and made friends everywhere. I am also proud to have been involved in Kiptik,Cackk, Organising tournaments, the Alternative world Cup, driving trucks and tour buses, being chair, Treasurer and the failed Plough Co-op, all of which helped with my personal development and gave ever lasting memories . I even got quite good at putting marquees up ! 

Its not all been plain sailing, we lost a few good ones along the way, Binz and Martin Brown spring to mind but I have so many positive memories and stories to tell. I am also proud to be involved in a club that puts itself out there politically, our links with Palestine, The Zapatistas, St.Pauli and the anti fascist movement in Europe along recently with the BLM movement as well as being inclusive to everyone, apart from Coppers, Christians and Jugglers of course 🙂 I have felt very comfortable being a Cowboy……But most of all its been a pleasure hanging out in our spiritual home the Plough with like minded people and getting to know you all. 

Big love, Jasper Beese

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  1. I knew Jaspa through working for Infinity Foods. What a great guy. Humorous, passionate, totally real. Another Brother gone too soon. Gutted for his family and friends

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