BS5 solidarity fund

BS5 Mutual Aid have set up a fund to help cover the costs of practical support to those affected by coronavirus, such as providing food, accommodation and medication, particularly whilst people self-isolate.

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Our aim as a mutual aid group is not only to meet people’s needs during the coronavirus pandemic but to help create strong communities that can support each other long into the future. The end of the pandemic will not be the end of the crisis. The economic impacts will likely put our livelihoods, homes and health under threat for years to come. Services and charities that have so far survived austerity and are helping people now may disappear. It has been inspiring to see neighbours supporting each other over the last few weeks and in the process getting to know each other and build a more connected and supportive community and this will become more and more important. This is what we want to help support and grow.

BS5 Mutual Aid

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