Support local footballer after racist attack

A fundraiser has been set up to help support NHS worker and footballer with DRG Frenchay Kdogg after he was severly injured in a racially motivated attack as he was leaving his shift at Southmead hospital last week.

He’s been left with multiple injuries and in need of plastic surgery to his face and leg. Money raised will be paid straight to Kdogg to support him in his long recovery in which ever way he sees fit. You can donate to show solidarity to Kdogg and his family through this horrific time using this link:

(TRIGGER WARNING: contains image of Kdogg with severe facial injuries):

K is also being supported by Stand Against Racism and Inequality (SARI). You can dontae to help support SARI’s work here.

There will be a fundraising friendly between DRG Frenchay and Manor Farm FC on Saturday 8th August. The Cowboys are also arranging a friendly to help support this fundraiser.

It’s so so shocking that attacks like this can happen, especially in our supposedly diverse and tolerant ‘modern’ society. At our next club AGM we’ll be discussing how we can more proactively tackle racism (wherever it rears it’s fugly head) and hopefully help to prevent things like this from ever happening again. In the meantime, we can support our BAME brothers and sisters when bad shit does happen, and let them know we’ve got their backs. Big love to Kdogg and his friends and family.

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