Chard Remains – Skimmity Hitchers

Friends of the Cowfolk the Skimmity Hitchers have released a new track to help us through these crazy times. If you like it, they’re asking for donations to our fresh veg delivery scheme…

When the world goes mad, the chips are down and a fight for survival is on the cards, where you gonna head? Any true West Country person knows that your best chance of survival is the Somerset market town of Chard – where folk be ‘ard and take no nonsense from no-one.*

Enjoy The Skimmity Hitchers classic ‘Chard Remains’, rebooted with brand new lyrics for these crazy times. Part news satire, part apocalyptic B-movie and part mindless Scrumpy & Western tomfoolery, we hope it hits all the right targets for the right reasons. Our thanks to video creators Fresh Cut Visuals.

We’ll get through the madness eventually and we’ll do it by working as one people. Big respect from us to all the frontline workers steering us through this time despite the ineptitude of government.

The video is for your enjoyment and not for profit. If you feel like making a donation then please support our amazing friends at Easton Cowboys/Cowgirls and The Plough Inn who are running a grassroots food box scheme in Bristol to support the most vulnerable and needy people being affected by the crisis.

Keep your peckers up people and we’ll sup a cider or two with you soon!

* We’re not sure if driving to Chard is currently allowed under government guidelines. It’s certainly no beauty spot, in fact it’s as rough as a badger’s arse, but you could argue that surviving the apocalypse is an essential journey.

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