Play backgammon, raise money, win cash!

Andy Kenny has organised an online backgammon competition to raise money for the community food box scheme. The maximum prize will be £100 (or 5% of of funds raised if less than 200 players are involved).

In order to take part you will be asked to make a donation of £10 to:

Contact Andy or comment below if you’d like to try your, um, hand? If you’re on facebook, you can also request to join the competition group:

Competition rules

Round 1 will start on 1st May. All players registered at this point will be allocated a random opponent. They will play the best of 3 games. The winner will then go through to round 2. All round 1 games will need to be played by 7th May. Unplayed games will be forfeited.

In round 2 Again all qualifiers will be allocated a random opponent and play the best of 3. These games will need to be played by 14th May. Rounds will continue on weekly basis, until we reach a winner.

In rounds where we need an additional player , a loser from the previous round will be picked at random and invited to play.

Rules of play

There is No Doubling dice and No points. All games are to be played to completion (no choice on the system we will use) and the person who gets all their counters off 1st is the winner.

We will be using to play online. It’s not perfect but works well and allows you to invite players via password. It allocates first dice roles to the higher number, so No re-rolling at the start. It does plot out potential moves which is of advantage to the lessor skilled players but there you go. If you’re good enough you’ll win anyway

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