CACKK camp 2020

Date: Friday 17th July - Sunday 19th July, 2020
Venue: Tucker's Grave Inn and Camping Fields

DO NOT book your summer holiday until you have booked CACKK Camp in your diary!

CACKK camp will be taking place July 17-19th July at the beautiful Tucker’s Grave Inn and Camping Fields in Somerset.

We are looking for new people to join the planning group this year so please let us know if you can help in any way either by joining this group or by running an activity during the weekend. We would ideally like one person from each bit of the club to join this group.

CACKK camp is a chance to know other families in our club and is a chance for people from different bits of the club and their kids to get to know each other too. So if you have kids or are an auntie / uncle/ grandparent do bring the kids along. Even if you have never come before you will be made most welcome!

CACKK is run by and for people across our club so do get involved. For more info join our Facebook group

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