Cowgirls raise £200 for Hebron International Resource Network

We managed to raise £200 for Hebron International Resource Network on Tuesday evening by screening ‘Around the Wall’, a film and q+a about our tour to Palestine with Republica Internationale FC from Leeds and Frau Dörte Becker from Hamburg.

Q+A with members of Easton Cowgirls and Hamed Qawasmeh of HIRN

About the film:

In October 2017, Easton Cowgirls (Bristol), Republica FC (Leeds) and Frau Dörte Becker (Hamburg) travelled to the occupied West Bank of Palestine on a tour or friendship, solidarity and football.

This “Freedom Through Football” tour was the latest of a number of visits stretching back to 2007. Our trip gave us a unique insight into what life is like for Palestinians in the West Bank. What we saw – in the beautiful sports halls of Sareyyet Ramallah, the concrete pitches in Bethlehem and the dusty field in Um Al-Khair – was an incredible resilience to the daily aggressions of life under the occupation.

We are now ready to share their stories – our film aims to start a conversation, to share the stories we heard and experienced. We stand in solidarity with our friends in the West Bank and all over Palestine, fighting for their rights to play, and stay, in their homeland.

If you missed it this time around, another showing is going to be arranged at the Palestine Museum, date TBC.

Football in Um Al Khair


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