Complete the Gender Recognition Act reform consultation

A few of us have been talking about setting up semi-regular non pub-based cowgirls get together to chat about training, the team, the wider club, ways we can become more politically and socially involved as individuals and a club and really just about anything!

So, as a way of getting started and cos the timing is right, I would like to suggest we get together this week to discuss and respond to the governments Gender Recognition Act (GRA) consultation, which closes at 11pm this Friday.

The GRA, passed in 2004, relates to how trans and non-binary people are legally recognised. It is now thought to be outdated and damaging to many trans and non-binary people. Stonewall have written a nice piece on why they think allies, not just trans and non-binary people, should have a say on the GRA consultation, and have included lots of guidance on why and how the GRA needs reforming.

If anyone would like to joining us to fill the consultation in either after training on Thursday (although then it would clash with pub time) or after work on Friday please use the contact form or get in touch with Sal.

P.S. Sorry for the late notice
P.P.S. Non-Cows welcome too

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