Casual league game 1 match report

Mooyakas soggy but happy after scoring 14 in their first game of the season

Saturday 6th October

Cowgirls Mooyakas   14 – 1   Bananas

Cowgirls Legendairies   1 – 3   Chicken Tikka Mo Salah

Match report by Wendy

The 2nd match day of the Casual League had arrived at last, and there was a hum of tense and super soggy excitement in the slippery October air. Throughout both Cow matches some of the balls were hard and tight, with Mooyakas squeezing them like lemons at a disco juice bar….and some were equally as loose and wet, with the Legendaries squeezing limes through gritted udders. No matter what the weather we wouldn’t be stopped. Even though a high percentage of us were clearly piss wet through.

Actually when heading the ball it wasn’t fun, it was more of a ‘Goodnight Vienna’ moment with the emoji face avec crosses on eyes.

Regardless… both teams ‘ploughed’ through like shaking wet puppies, ready to piss up a pregnant spectator’s leg at half time. Sorry Issy.

The marvellous Mooyakas took the fabulous Bananas out for a quick spin-rinse in their washing machine of doom. A soggy banana split that neither team will forget at a score of 14- 1. The bananas held their stalks high regardless.

The Legendairies also battled hard against Tikka Mo Salah’s dink, dink dink of pinball style passes…carving around corners like pumpkins on acid…and thus sadly lost 3-1…… TMS were good craic though and were stronger than an expresso martini after midnight, when you’re already down the swanny.

Anyway it was a formidable day of wonder and much joy was had by all. Farewell x

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