Republicow v United Glasgow exhibition game

Easton Cowgirls, Republica IFC and United Glasgow standing up to intolerance

Last month 9 cowgirls travelled to Manchester to play in a special women’s match against United Glasgow. The match was part of the ‘Our City United’ tournament organised by Manchester Unison, involving teams from communities across the city and invited teams from across Britain and Europe with an ethos of community and solidarity. We were joined by some friends from Leeds from Republica IFC to make an unstoppable 11 aside Republicow team. The game was fairly evenly matched in the first half, despite an accident involving a bash on the conk and smashed glasses for  Flic. The second half saw us going one-nil down in the first few minutes. This was obviously highly shocking to the old system and instigated us upping our game and seeing 3 cracking goals from Bridie, Talin and Blue.

Following the match we had a showing of our Palestine tour film ‘Balls, Barriers and Bulldozers’, followed by watching FC United’s game at the Broadhurst Park stadium. The rest of the evening will probably need to be related in person in the Plough!


The very distracted Easton Cowgirls at the ‘Our City United’ tournament, Manchester

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