Road Crossing

Dear all

A group of ESOL students at SPAN (Silai for Skills) are leading a campaign to get a pedestrian crossing on Easton Road (between SPAN and the Queen’s Head, near The Plough/Iceland/ the Community Centre).

There is currently nowhere to cross this very busy road. There is a 20mph speed limit that drivers do not adhere to. At SPAN there is a pre-school and a creche and on the other side of the road is a children’s park. Parents have to struggle across this road with buggies and children. Just two weeks ago there was an accident involving three vehicles directly outside SPAN.

School children also use this road, often alone or with friends as light is fading.

Local Councillor Margaret Hickman is lending her support to the campaign and we need to get 3000 signatures on our petition in order that the issue can be brought to the Council meeting in June.

If you could sign and also share widely we would be very grateful.

Many thanks!


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