Tournaments for 2014


This will be held in Antwerp by the mighty Lunatics ( and sadly may be their last) and so far two dates have been mooted.
Either weekend of July 21st or weekend of August 2014. Ponderosa campsite is most likely booked up but very optimistic that another campsite very close by. One year we took over a 100 over to Belgium and this tournament is always a belter so lets see if we can beat that figure. Good people to speak to re the tournament : any of the old farts


Again possibility of 2 different dates – either 23-25th May or 30th May -1st June – well if by now you do not know about St Pauli well you are obviously not from planet football. Another belter of a weekend , many other teams are antifa supporters of professional clubs ( standard liege , hapoel tel aviv , sampdoria etc) put up against the cream of Bristol. Great place to make new contacts. Both the men and the women have brought back the trophy in recent years. Good people to speak to re the tournament: Bournemouth Tosser aka Capt Quiffy aka Kev , Peace aka ….., Jasper and many more


This is a yearly event and the Cowfolk must have attended approximately 10 times now , ranging from 150-210 teams and supporters , a well run event where to me anyway the singing , making new friends etc is just as important as the football which is 7 a side( trainers , no boots) . Venues have varied over the years but always in the area around Bologna and usually the first week in July – so bring your suncream as i guarantee it will be hot. Great place to lose your voice , and in the case of cetain cowboys last year their dignity – i quote from Dave Cullum – every cowboy/girl should go at least once. Good people to speak to re the tournament : Me ( Punky) , Dik , Scotty , Tim aka Bagpuss , Jack Kelly etc


Waiting for details to be sent though -many may know them already – possibly very late in the day now but there is always an intrepid soul amongst us – believe i t is being held in Resistencia in Chaco province in Northern Argentina, hopefully will have more info v soon.


Again yet to be confirmed but this now has its rightful place in the clubs diary on a yearly basis – hosted by the wonderful Totnes contingent from the YARD FC – held by the sea near a nature reserve full of adders – each May Bank holiday sees an exodus from Bristol heading to the south coast. Yes i am aware there are 2 May Bank Holidays and just need to find out which date it will be and shall update. Best people: Jack Daniels , Dik aka Lord Clunk , Drew , and a whole host more

Other tours/competitions i have heard mentioned but may occur are possibly Derry 2014 and Greece – this would be organised by myself but still at early stages yet – most likely first week in May

If you cannot do all at least try to get to one of these events

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