Beat the cold

Date: Saturday 30th November, 2013
Time: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Venue: Easton Community Centre

From Nige:

The idea of beat the cold is about energy. using it wisely  in our house.    Use your own energy  keeping warm  outside on the playing field where you and  the children will have a chance to play football and , cricket games , netball, ping pong , have a go on a crazy bendy bike burn up some energy beat the cold.  Join the silver cyclists and take a ride up the cycle path.

Inside we have peddle powered scaletix, an open Mic stage  run off pedal power , spin painting. A soft play area ,Snakes and ladders.  There will be stalls Bric a Back run by various charities. The café will be open to restore our energy levels.  Local blacksmith will bring firewoks.  You can get up to date with what is going on in Easton regards retro fitting energy saving measures, join an eco course save energy   Find out more about what goes  on at the community centre sign up for a class. Talk with local charities working hard to make Easton a fantastic place to live.

Foodcycle are going to cook ( restore energy ) a meal and also talk about food waste and how we can tackle it.  The day is about being inspired to make a change, take on an allotment,  join a local club. It is about all of us who work in Easton and live in Easton coming together for a fun afternoon and telling the rest of Bristol what a great place it is.

This is an open -day for all who use the community centre so please if you want to help out run a class hire a stall , please let me know we can then programme you in. Contact Nige (or use the contact form on this website).

The food cooked by foodcycle and food donations we hope to collect if all stall holders and those involved make a cake, or a desert,  contribute some-think these can be sold with the meal, we will have a donation tin on the door.  Stall hire will be £10 there is room for 10 stalls. The day is more about raising awareness, working together small charities helping each other.

Fliers will be out in early October.


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