Fancy Dress 5-a-side

Wed 25 Sep 18.00 – 19.30. .Easton Community Centre football pitch

Jesse T says:

Brothers and sisters. Lets have a jolly up on Wednesday night! Come before training if you can. The idea is thus: Round Robin fancy dress 5-a-side kickabout on the community centre pitch. Will pick teams once there. So far we have pirates and knights. All fancy dress is good. If you havnt got any hopefully some people will bring extra. Drinkypoos in the plough after. I will film as the Cube wanted a contribution from us for a 70 min film with 70 different filmmakers. I thought this might sum us up quite well ha,ha! Your job: turn up, play football, get drunk, be stupid, love the camera baby! Be great if we have a big raucous crew, the more the merrier but should be good fun either way. I will ask Ang if has some soup for, to sum up: BIG, STUPID FUN..seeya there!

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