Friday night and Saturday nights are camping nights with activities all day Saturday and Sunday morning. For a list of things to bring and more details about weekend email


Some of us will be setting up the marquee etc. Most people will be coming after school. Download the directions here See camp photos at It is 76 miles away and takes about 1.5 hours easy drive to get there – and is in beautiful countryside with nearby waterfalls and caves.


Kids Football (throughout the day)

Arts and Crafts (with a wild west theme etc. ), facepainting, dress up, headdress making til 4pm (volunteer for an hour if you can!) – facepainting volunteers also needed!

Games/ Play with circus equipment, play ping pong, table football (all day)

Wild Wild West – Mural making

Kids clothes sale (all day in labelled tent- leave donations in the tent) Dads/ Mums Football Game (and girls only ?)

1pm Walk to Waterfalls (maps for those who want to go to nearby waterfalls /caves)

4pm BBQ (Bring food)

5pm Kids Disco with DJ Pallett (and Games with prizes!) Kids Talent Show (All kids welcome!) – see Mel/ Paul

8.30pm Raffle Bonfire (marshmallows)

Cocktails and Beer at the Bar (volunteer for an hour if you can)

SUNDAY Treasure/ Scavenger Hunt and prizes!

11 am Walks to Waterfalls/ caves (find us for maps)


People do their own thing, go to caves, visit waterfalls, we tend to pack up by 2pm.


Here is THE VAGUE PLAN and some ideas for things to bring to help you enjoy the weekend. Any changes to the timings or additional activities will be written up on the board by the main marquee.

Remember this is YOUR weekend. If you want to run an activity – PLEASE DO! Just bring materials you need to do it and write it up on the board with a time. If you need to buy materials please check with Sam first Do bring games to share and any Wild West paraphalia and dressing up – bring it along! YEEHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BBQ food, rolls salads etc. We have a big barbeque but do bring any small barbeques you have too)

Food for you and your family (you have use of kitchen)

Raffle prizes to donate

Footie boots, sports stuff , trainers etc (kids and adults who want a game)

Equipment or instruments if your child wants to enter talent show

Unwanted kids clothes for nearly new sale (tent)

Dressing up clothes to wear (Wild West theme optional!) and donate unwanted dressing up to our dressing up box

Firewood and marshmallows for fire

Money (including camping fees if you haven’t paid for camping – see Sam)

Games (e.g. swingball, bowls, rounders etc) that everyone can enjoy

Binliners (we need everyone to take their rubbish home – thanks!)

If bringing dogs let us know as there are restrictions/ advice on this (Email


There is a bar (so please support this and don’t bring lots of booze) this is one of main ways we make the money from to run the weekend. All proceeds to CACKK.

Everyone has access to the bunkhouse kitchen and lounge , toilets, showers etc whether or not you are staying in the bunkhouse so bring tea, coffee, food to cook etc.

There are lots of fun activities going on in the marquee and polytunnel and in the field and nice places to visit and explore.


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