Friendly Report

The friendly XI were soundly spanked by Bath Exiles.

Actually when the game began we were the friendly VI, due to a combination of cry offs, no shows and lateness.

Grover and Reg opened the batting. Upon setting off for the first single Reg suffered a major twang in the groin area and shortly afterwards was caught at slip for a golden.

Reg went home at this point so now we were V; 2 batsmen, 2 umpires and a scorer!

Iggy hit a well timed boundary but was bowled pulling at a straight one that kept low.

A partnership of 40 odd between Grove and Dwayne raised the spirits and the arrival of Amir, Gnaz and Sayed (1st game for the Cowboys and his first for 7 years) came close to doubling our numbers.

Dwayne was caught for a classy 29, then Tim went for a duck. This brought Amir to the crease who battered a quick 38, including 7 4’s. Although I think it’s fair to say Amirs innings did not include one single cricket shot, it was exactly what we needed.

Evans main contribution was to run out Grove who had played properly throughout with his bat straight and heed kept. Grove made 30. Gnaz was bowled for a couple, Sayed not out 1 and so, with only 9 batsman that was it; 135 all out.

Exiles opened up with with a small fellow in his late fifties and a large south african fellow in his early thirties. We couldn’t get either of them out and the youngun put us out of our misery in the 25th over by hitting 28 from the first 5 balls of Grovers spell. Young opener making 116, old opener 9!

Tim Knight kept bravely, Dwaynes outfielding was very sharp and Amir and Sayed both bowled well.

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