Looking back in anger, and forward more in hope than expectation

Those who don’t know me well may not have heard the addage ‘never listen to Littleton’, don’t worry my predictions for this week won’t be so rash as last week’s! So how did it go? For those of you living in China, Mark, here is a brief resume.

On Saturday Iggy’s 1s fell by 10 runs at Nailsea, the skipper injuring himself and requring a runner may have hampered him although whether he should have selected himself after admitting that he has had 3 golden ducks at Nailsea now is maybe more the point! Pick of the bowlers was the Apeman Gibbons with 4-17 as Nailsea were all out for 158, the Cowboys being hustled out for 148 in response with 2.2 overs left. Patience is a virtue!

Meanwhile at Farmborough Jeff’s 2’s did their best (surely not, there are victories to come) to prove my prediction of an exciting tie correct, eventually falling by 11 runs with 1.2 overs left. Patience, patience, patience! Mom Barnaby, Alex and Steve O all bowled excellently however 28 wides on a windy day was to prove very costly, Whitchurch reacing 140 all out in 36 overs. In response DC1 and Simon looked comfortable against tight bowling but both went for 11, there then followed and 80 run partnership between Aussie Pete and Barnaby, they upped the run rate at the right time to put us within sight of victory. I made the prophetic mistake of comparing Aussie’s batting style to that of Justin, Barnaby was then run out, Donnie smote a couple of times and left, DL1 smote once and left, Steve O smote and nurdled and left, which left us needing 16 off 4, Stroddy, Johnsie, and Alex then all left in the same over. After the departure of the first 2 Aussie, standing at the other end on 48no hurtled down the wicket towards a bemused Alex who had defended the ball straight to a fielder, Alex was run out. Justinesque jug avoidance of the highest order. Aussie didn’t add to his score, as next over the skipper was softened up by a beamer to the neck and then bowled. Excellent game played in a good spirit against Whitchurch whose young bowlers were excellent.

And on to Sunday where Bolts Bruisers took on the foe from the other side. I’m sure you’ve all heard the tales by now suffice to say that we lost off the final ball. 178 all out, 1.3 overs left (Patience….. you have got the theme by now?) on what is considered a batting track was always going to be in question. The enemy needed 2 off the last ball and got them. Our 34 extras conceded to their 18 was another telling factor.

Monday saw Cowfolk gathered to witness the bastardisation of the beautiful game that is cage cricket- although I was only there for a couple of hours behind the bar, it was a great occasion watching cowfolk going pink under the sun and the influence of Steve O’s delightful brew. Well done to Iggy for the idea and he and others for getting it together.

So where does that leave us? Jeff’s 2s are in a position of strength as they aren’t joint bottom of their division as Timsbury and Nailsea 4’s both failed to put a team out so are on -4 points! Many happy returns for the weekend Jeff, so young and so many children!

The Iguanas are up against the Meths, or could be on it afterwards. The Midsomer Norton Methodists will be praying for another decisive victory after spanking their town counterparts last weekend, Stuat Green recording the remarkable figures of 7 wickets for 8 runs. The Meths were promoted in a reshuffle at the end of last season but look a strong team. My prediction is that God will not look on us kindly.

Sundays have another home fixture against Carsons & mangotsfield at BWI. C&M got their season off to a winning start against Failand & Portbury. Last season’s game finished in a tie last game of the season and a heavy defeat for an under strength Cowboys team. My prediction is a spanking for the Cowboys. Wayne will understand my negativity.

Sorry it’s taken so long to complete this, good luck for the weekend one and all.


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