Rage in the cage

Easton Community centre Monday May the 6th

There will be 6 teams in the tournament split into 2 groups that will play each other once in a mini league .Guaranteeing each team at least 2 games .The leaders from group 1 will play the runners up from group 2 and visa versa in the semi finals and then the grand final.

9 games in total each taking around half an hour so would be good to get started around 1230 – 1 ish.

Each team shall consist of 6 players

Each match shall consist of one innings per team.

Each innings shall consist of a maximum of 6 six ball overs.

Only six balls to be bowled in an over except the 6th over when an extra ball shall be bowled for each wide or no ball.

All overs shall be bowled from the same wicket. Batsmen will change ends at the end of each over.

Each player except for the wicket keeper must bowl 1 over, so 1 player can bowl 2

The last remaining batsman shall continue batting with the previously dismissed batsman remaining at the wicket as a ‘runner’.

Points for mini league

The points system is as follows:-

The team scoring the most runs in their innings shall be the winner. If the scores of both teams are equal, then the game will be deemed a draw.

Win – 8 points

Draw – 4 points

Loss – 0 points

Every 10 runs scored – 1 point (to a maximum of 6 points = 60 runs)

Every 1 wickets taken – 1 point (to a maximum of 6 points = 6 wickets)


Scoring and Rules

Off the bat

1 run for the wall behind the keeper

1 run for each of the side walls

4  runs for the far wall behind the bowler along the ground

2 runs for each single made


3 runs for a wide (anything down the leg side is a wide)

3 runs for a no ball (anything short of the halfway mark and anything above waist height)

1 run for any over throws that hits another wall




Methods of dismissal


In addition to normal cricket dismissals


You can be caught out off any of the cage walls


Hitting the wall behind the bowler on the full


Hitting the ball out of the cage

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