Red Trousers Come To Easton

From thisisBristol (i.e. The Evening Post):

Following the disturbances in Easton on Monday evening the Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, said he wanted to have a debate with activists and the wider community of Easton to find out why this happened.

One week on The Post has organised a debate at Easton Community centre between Mr Ferguson and Richard Lloyd who was at the party. I would like to invite community leaders to take part in the debate looking at why it happened in Easton, what the wider impact has been and the way forward. This is not meant to be a debate about pro/anti Margaret Thatcher views though, inevitably, this will come up in some form.

The top table will be filmed on the request of Mr Lloyd, and the video published on our website This is Bristol. The Post will also send a reporter and photographer along to write up the story for Tuesday’s paper.

Once again I can only reiterate that this is not a pro/anti Thatcher debate, but an open discussion on Easton, it’s community and the way forward.

Venue: Easton community centre

Date: 15th April 2013

Time: 8-9pm

Confirmed: Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson, Richard Lloyd

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