Rage In The Cage

Date: Monday 6th May, 2013
Time: 12:00 pm
Venue: Easton Community Centre

Following on from the success of football and netball events at Easton Community Centre, the cricket boys are getting a 6-a-side tournament together on May 6th, bank holiday Monday. Games will be a faster pace than you’ve seen before! It’s a publicity event to generate some new players, a fresh drive and a bit of cash to help us out, as the rain last season hit us hard financially (we still have ground costs when games are continuously rained off).

Its gonna be a family-friendly day, and we’re hoping for a mixed up team or 2 from the wider club as well as outside teams. There’ll also be a drinks bar, food, sophisticated tea and cakes and stuff for kids as well as the usual tomfoolery that these EC shenanigans provide!! Look out for more details coming soon on EC website and message boards!

The sun is coming and bring on the cricket!



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