Casual Reports

Mud Bath

BAWA – 10.30am Sunday 18th November

St Brendans v Easton Cowboys Vets

0-4 (Bongo, Darren, PaulC, Tim)

Dave Owen

Moylan, Jack, Darren, Jody

Jethro, Eddie, Tim, Weaver

Bongo, John

Subs: Paulc, Geoff

Man of the Match – Jethro


It was a mud bath.

It was agreed we played shite.

Angelo was out.

Dave Owen played in goal.

Geoff was sub. His first game.

Jethro’s first start.

They were twats.

Tim voted me a flipper for getting kicked.

We went to the pub.

We got 3 points.

With players out injured and away, we always need help.

Thank you Dave Owen.


2nd Rd Cup 2/12/12 Home (no pitch so played away – Caldicot)

Easton Cowboys Vets v Cily Coed Vets



Jethro, Jack, Darren, Jody

John, Eddie, Tim, PaulC

Bongo, Steve

Subs: Jasper, Ash

Man of the Match: Angelo – an outstanding performance

I knew this team were good. They were top of their division (Div 3), played 3 won 3. They had scored a hatful.

I also knew a few of their players from past encounters playing against Mathern who are in the top division, over the past 5 or 6 years. They often had a cross over of players due to locality and socialising.

They are seasoned players that know position, patience, hard tackling and mouth.

But we had a good team too. However, short of Moylan. A key player in these hard games.

He would have played right back and Jethro right mid.

Jethro is a creative player but can play right back and it showed first half. The back four played a blinder.

We pinned them back at times on the left and the play from defence by Jack, Jethro and Darren was second to none, nullifying there slow attack.

My team talk was to get the ball wide and for the wingers to hug the touch line, stretching the game and for the wingers to pass first or second touch to the forwards or the central midfield. Continual knocking the ball. Making the opposition run and us retaining the ball.

John and I played wings. John on the right did not have his best game and after 15 minutes of ignoring my own advice, I started to pass the ball reasonably creatively, but not to cause damage. Thanks to Tim for reminding me post shite pass of my own advice!

Steve and Bongo got nothing to feet. But the oppositions defence was their key. Soaking, soaking, soaking it up.

Sam had a chance first half but he would have had to bang it 50 yards as the keeper was out of area. If that would have gone in things might have been different.

They bought mister quick on and pummelled our wings.

We had lost spirit after goal after goal went in.

I went to watch my son play down the road after this game. Talked to some of the parents and they knew of the players we played against. In their heyday, Newport Town, Caldicot Town and Chepstow Town players.

I really don’t want any players to feel bad because I picked the team and changed the positions and subs but we were 2 players short of winning that game.

We have those players when available and we have the spirit to win against teams like this.

All I can say is that I thought we played very well against a team that were on form and on it, on the day.

Spiegelshpent/Suburban Poirot

AXA Away 9/12/12

Redland Ramblers v Easton Cowboys Vets

2 – 6 (Bongo 2, Steve 1, Chris 1, Tim 1, Darren)


Moylan, Jack, Darren, Jody

Jasper, Eddie, Tim, Chris

Steve, Bongo

Subs: Marcus

Who would have thought that after years of pestering the semi pro suburban utility player, Marcus Tait, that he would actually play for the old boys? Well, he didn’t, in his age related denial. But fate had a play in this unfortunate turn of events.

Keeping an eye on the rest of the mens teams as I do, I noticed Mr.Tait was banned for a game for the suburbans the weekend we played the Ramblers. So a call to him and a work adjustment meant we were graced.

However I couldn’t bang him straight in their….oooh er…. So it was mutually agreed he would be sub.

Unfortunately for Jack he got injured but what better replacement than the Exeterarian to come on in a FA non affiliated game. Brilliant. He serves his ban for the subs and still plays for the cowboys.

The Suburban game was called off. He has to serve his game next week…………..

If there is one player that fits into this bunch of beautiful miscreants that does not yet play for us, it is M.T.

I think we’ll have to make him a Vampire sooner or later………………… how do you think we do it at our age?

Eddie turned up to this game, very ,very confident.

He won flipper with 10 votes.

“Shittin like a flock of sparrows”

Shirehampton 3/2/2013

Easton Cowboys 2 Bryan Munich 1

Steve T., Tim (pen)

Referee: Pagey


Paul Moylan, Jack, Darren, Weaver

Chris, Tim, Eddie, Jesse

Steve T Jethro

Subs: Ash, Jasper, PaulC

Man of the Match: Steve Taylor

I turned up as the 2nd last player, Angelo being the last of course, to Jack asking me if I had the kit. No I hadn’t got the kit. Jody had it! Fortunateley Ash had a spare kit, as you do.

Pagey nearly did not make it having been shitting sparrows at 4am.

Great preparation for the first game back after xmas against a team we had never beaten by more than 1 goal and generally drew against.

However, we tore them apart in the first half and first 20 minutes of the second half.

I think that was the best performance we have had this season. We were fluid, accurate, disciplined and tough.

The only slight negative was that we did not score the 4 goals we should have in the first half.

At 2-0 in the first half I changed the team round wanting to get the subs on and give them a reasonable game. Mistake.

I should have waited for the 3rd and 4th goal as we were bedding in for it but it did not come.

A lesson to be learnt was to wait until we have destroyed them to change the team or wait until its needed to change the team to try and win the game. I did neither.

As we play better teams, things will have to get tougher.

All in all a very encouraging performance against a team who really came on in the 2nd half, got one back and gave us a fright with 10 minutes to go.

I’m going to split hairs to pick a player who shone. Steve Taylor obviously did winning man of the match and Darren came second, again and is always class but for me there were 2 players who bought the class of our team together and bonded everyone and that was Tim and Eddie who ran the central midfield.

They were no sparrows.



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