Trainers For Homeless Folks

From Emma:

Some of you may know that I run a monthly foot clinic for homeless people at the Compass Centre on Jamaica street.

We try and keep a stock of trainers/shoes and socks there so we can give people replacements if needed. This time of year many people come in with soaking wet feet and foot problems related to bad footwear, and the cold and wet weather over the last couple of months means that at the moment our stocks are really low. We are not too bad for socks, as a lot of charities donate socks around christmas, but we are really low on mens trainers.

So, if anyone has any old trainers that they no longer wear, but still have a bit of life left in them, please consider passing them on to me so I can find then a good new home. You really would be making the world of difference to someone sleeping on the streets at the moment.

If you can help use the Contact Us form and the message will be passed on.

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