Copa America Alternativa

I’ve heard from our friends out in Argentina and plans for the 2nd Copa America Alternativa are well under way. They are asking who plans to come.. details are :

It’s being held in Argentina, in Gualeguaychú, about 230kms from Buenos Aires. There is camping and it’s a beautiful place. The idea is playing a 4 days cup, starting on thursday the 14 Feb 2013 and ending on sunday the 17th Feb…. providing most of the teams can arrive on time.

It would be fantastic if we could get some cowboys n cowgirls out there again. Last year, we all had a great time at the 1st tournament, and also visited & stayed with Autonomos in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This time I don’t think I am going to able to make it so I’m not offering to sort anything out, but I can put people in touch with those who are planning it if you want to go / want any more info.

Zoe x

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