Cowboys Vets  8 – 2 Dynamos       League 11/11/12

Bongo 5, Steve, Darren, Jesse



John, Jack , Darren, Jody

Jesse , Eddie , Tim, Chris

Bongo, Steve

Subs: Jasper, Jethro, Paul


I am always reluctant to vote for a man of the match because they score goals. I did not capitulate this time either. I voted for Darren. One of our centre backs. We were 4 – 0 up at half time. One goal less than the last games half time result. I can’t not bring the subs on and mess about  with the team. I wasn’t  tinkering I was really fucking about. So everyone was changing about and confident  and we knocked 4 more in by the end. During which the opposition decided to show off what they had. They got 2 goals back but which could have been more after they lost their shyness and started to bang it long ball up front. Darren stopped at least 5 one on ones with our keeper, Angelo.

Bongo had a very good game. After watching Englands  game against Sweden tonight I thought of him. Tenacious, fight, determination, aggressiveness, skill and goals!! And one more goal than Ibrahimovic. Suck on that trophy hunter. A definite eye catcher if you come to see us play.

We are beginning to get a good temperament although only being tested so far by the Saturday A Team. We have not been brought down to our opponents level, all due respect. Confidence is the name of the game. However if you sit through Eddies court you wouldn’t think so. I like it when he worries. It’s the happiest and best I’ve seen him play. I’m sure he’ll tell me when he was happier and playing better though!

Jasper has been sub most games had a very good game as did the rest of the team

Ps. Big thanks to Malc who refereed

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