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Netball report thus:

A really good game of netball from the Toos this morning – we enjoyed it and everything! We lost though – 28-47 to Culverhay Cougars BUT for the first 3 quarters we were behind at one point by only 3 goals and they had to work hard. They pulled away from us in the 3rd quarter with some seemless shooting and interceptions. Cat got player from them and Emma from us (although she thinks we voted for her because she hadn’t got it before – we didn’t, we voted for her cos she was ace!). Anyway, come back Captain Rach, we miss you!! xx

Downs 1 drew with 6-6  DAC Beachcroft.

Downs 2 loast 2-3 to Clifton St Vincents A.

The Suburbans drew 3-3 with Ashton United.


The Ultra Casuals produced a shock result beating Division 2 Redland Ramblers 2-1 in the Cup.

The Casuals Beat Russell Athletic 9-1.

Cupis reports thus:

Evacuated Spaces

Harry Mottram Cup – 21/10/12

Russell Athletic  1  9  Easton Cowboys

Goals:  Steve T 3,   Tim Knight 2, Chris 2 (1 pen), PaulC,  Jess



Ash        Moylan                 Jack        Jody

Chris      Eddie                     Tim         PaulC

Steve T                 Bongo


Subs: Jess, Jasper

The Tuesday training before the game was an upbeat, quick, more aggressive game as was the previous Tuesday before the last match.

Nerves came for me on Friday night on the way down to the inlaws in Devon. The boys were playing up in the back of the car as usual and managing to press the mental buttons only children in the back of the car can. All I wanted to do is get there, eat my tea and crack the first bottle of red.

How could I think about my team speech with fart noises going on in the back, followed by screaming fits of laughter?

“I’m trying to think about my speech for the team on Sunday blah blah blah… shut it.”

They’re getting old enough for a sarcastic “whoooooooooo…arc at ee” though.

Anyway, we got there and the red was opened, followed by chat and chat and chat.

However I couldn’t  escape the reality of the game Sunday morning. Nothing could shift the nerves, worry about any late call offs from the players and whether I had picked the correct squad.

We got dumped out of the cup early the last 2 years and there are mutterings of us doing well, along with a book being written if we reach the cup final, by Eddie Bridges.

He has since qualified “It’s gonna be more of a pamphlet.”

I think it’s something about Matt Le Tissiers’ rise to glory and “My part in that.” (EB). Not sure.

Or was it “How I created the Cowboys”. Who knows. However the pressure was on as the whole squad were up for it.

But as you can see, in hindsight,  there was nothing to worry about.

It was hard to pick man of the match. Jody had his usual tenacious  performance, passing with style and accuracy. Eddie didn’t give up fighting for the ball after we had scored  8 goals, winning the ball and continuous passing. Bongo’s aggressive tackling and assists were very noticable. Moylan and Jacks commanding of the defence and area in front of them, winning the ball then passing was very good. Chris, our newcomer scored 2 goals and harried the opposition. He will undoubtedly gain many man of the match votes in the future. Jesse scored an incredible goal which was preceded by a very good team passing move.

Jasper and Ash both put a very good shift in the right hand side.

It was difficult to choose as we controlled the game but Steve Taylor won it for me for not only partnering Bongo with compliment but for his sublime hatrick.

Angelo had nothing to do. He’ll get his six quids worth in November when we play Bryan Munich.

“I move into the spaces other people have just evacuated.” – Bridges 21/10/12

I think that’s called stalking Ed.

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