Indoor Cricket Results

The story of this weeks game starts with, as you might have noticed on the email list, the search for extra players. At one point 2 players short thankfully we were able to hand indoor debuts to Alfie and Neil. With Stroddy also playing his first game of the year we had a side lacking in experience. But given our run of 3 defeats in a row maybe a little fresh enthusiasm was what we needed.
Rob lost the toss and the opposition put us in to bat for the first time this season. Tom and Dave made a great start, Dave retiring for the second game running and Tom hitting 3 6’s in an over on the way to exactly 25 and out. Our running was a feature of the innings. At times magnificent, like when RT1 was knocking the ball straight back to the bowler and still managing to win the race to the other end and at times as dodgy as some of our dancing on Saturday night. With cameos from RT2, Alfie and RT1 supporting our opening pair we amassed a more than respectable total of 139.
Now we just had to bowl sensibly but with 3 out of our 5 regular bowlers absent it was by no means a done deal. The Robs opened the bowling and kept it tight. The new enthusiasm mentioned earlier was especially abundant in Stroddy at midwicket (well the indoor equivalent of midwicket) making all the right sort of encouraging noises. He was called into action in the second over and with a nifty pick up and throw effected a very professional looking run out. Our fielding in general was stellar with Justin getting a similar run out and Dave saving upwards of 15 runs all by himself with some heroic diving and sliding along the back wall.
After the two Robs had bowled 2 each we turned to the debutants Alfie and Stroddy, luckliy they made it look easy, Alfie extracting some scary bounce and Stroddy getting two wickets (including Tom’s first indoor stumping). Then Neil and Justin were given a go with Justin getting a wicket. By this point the opponents were well behind ther required rate and wickets were tumbling. By the time the Rob’s were brought back the game was almost over but there were still bonus points up for grabs and RT1 bowled a great last over picking up a wicket and conceding very few runs. In the end they reached around 85.
A comprehensive victory, much less funny but a lot more fun. So who wants a go next week then? RT1 and Dave are away so there are spots up for grabs. Answers on a postcard to the usual address (or an email would do).

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