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Netaball report thus:

A cracking game this morning, with an 18-16 victory for the Div 11 team against Wired. The teams were evenly matched at half time, with just a goal between us, but we pulled away in the third quarter with some well-choreographed attacks and conceded only one goal. Our defence kept Wired at bay in the last quarter and we finished the match two up. Rachel was awarded player of the match by Wired and wingers Yo and Holly tied the player vote from us, for excellent centre court support. Thanks to Em B for coming to score, Leela for coaching, and everyone for great, tenacious play!

Awesome game of wetball today by the 6’s who were 11 down at half time but put in a decent second half to just lose 31 -32 to Doves. Although, due to a timer issue, it should have been a draw! We played through heavy rain and hail but we loved it. Well done our Vernie who got player from them and Hells Bells from us for cracking shooting x

Downs 1 lost to Jersey Rangers 1-4 in the Norman Hardy Cup.

Downs 2 beat Helios FC 3-6.

The Suburbans match was posponed.

The cricket awards, hosted by Garnier, went thus:


Sunday 1st

Best Batting Average: Dunc (66.75 WoW!)
Best Batting Performance: TomT (80 not out)
Most Runs in Season: RT2 (294)

Sunday 2nd

Best Batting Average: Dave L (24.25)
Best Batting Performance: Strange (75)
Most Runs in Season: Strange (120)


Best Batting Average: Gibbo (53.67)
Best Batting Performance: Gibbo (81 not out)
Most Runs in Season: Gibbo 322


Sunday 1st

Best Bowling Average: RT2 (12.75)
Best Bowling Performance: RT2 (5-31)
Mosty Wickets In A Season: RT2 (24)

Sunday 2nd

Best Bowling Average: Dave L (16.29)
Best Bowling Performance: Barny (5-29)
Mosty Wickets In A Season: Grandpa Kelly (9)


Best Bowling Average: StevO (8.86)
Best Bowling Performance: Garnier (4-14)
Mosty Wickets In A Season: TT (15)


Most Catches In A Season: Wilko (8)

Player Of The Season (MOM votes)

Sunday 1st: RT2
Sunday 2nd: Strange
Saturday: Gibbo

The Popular Vote On The Night:

Most Improved Player: Matt C
Supporter Of The Season: Erica
Cow Of The Season: Stevo

Well done to RT2 for making the trophies.

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