Éloge De La Passe

We have been sent a book by Wally in Paris who has been involved in the publication of a book on anarchism in sport called:

Éloge De La Passe: Changing Le Sport Pour Changer Le Monde

It is in French and so if anyone who is a fluent reader of French wants to borrow it they should get in touch.

Wally has tranlated the contents and they are thus:

Part 1 : history

–         Birth of “social” sports

–         1920 text from German’s anarcho-syndicalist organisation

–         1936 the popular Olympics games in Barcelona

–         1936 we have to build a new sport for the women (mujeres libres = Spanish women libs organisation)

–         1968 in france : the occupation of the French Football federation

–         1978 : Argentina wolrd cup the campaign of boycott

– 1940 : the French fascist against the XIII (rugby)

Part II What the amateur French soccer looks like ? : Three comrades write their experiences.

Part III : Ultra fans etc.

Texts and interviews from : radical anatifascist fans (Scalp) ; ultra from Marseille ; Paris, and Spain

Part IV

Which are the link between : Albert Camus, anarchists and soccer practice ?

Part V : different experiences of anarchist, socialist, antifascist soccer around the world

Part VI : cycling (tour de France), and climbing

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