Axbridge 2 Easton Cowboys 5

Axbridge  2  Easton Cowboys  5

Casuals leagu – Sunday 23rd September 10.30am

Tim  2
Jody 1
Jesse 1
Ash 1 (pen)

Man of the match  – Tim Knight

Keeper – Angelo . Back four – Paul Darren Jack Jody. Midfield – John Eddie Tim Paul. Attack – Bongo Ash. Subs – Jasper Jess

Our first game was a friendly. It was a Champions League Chelsea like performance, against the Cowboys sat downs A team. We defended, nicked a goal and beat a tidy, passing side. Our first league game of the season last Sunday, was more like an Arsenal performance.  But on first sight in the Cowboys changing room, you would have thought different.

Unfortunately we lost Steve T to an injury playing for the Suburbans the day before. Steve had made the effort to text me but had the wrong number. Oh! …. Tim told me at the meeting place at 9.30am.

So the formation changed. It also meant I had to start. Oh! …..The cider and peripherals started to kick in………..

Then Eddie turned up having been at Brizz fest! Darren next having been at Brizz fest!!

We chatted on about the previous evening before making our way to a rainy Somerset.

We arrived and started to get changed.

Then Paul turned up at and started to get changed, having been at Brizz fest!!!

Then Angelo turned up…………………. Guess what? Having been at Brizz fest!!!!

Wow. It looked like Brizz fest had actually taken place in Angelo’s head.

It was incredible. He actually had a cartoon cloud over him.

Nonetheless he was there in body and that is what goal keepers are for.

The training session the Tuesday before had been a bit feisty with everyone putting in a good stint. A typical training session before the first game of the season. On the day the team produced a performance to be proud of. We passed in triangles , got behind their defence, controlled the game, defended well and scored 5 goals.

We all know we can go up a few gears but for a first performance we did well having gone 1-0 down in the first half. We know we can control the oppositions  18 yard box more but it will come. Excellent performances all round.

Oh yes… Angelo. Well, he gave another excellent performance. No blame with him for either goal.

The downs. Having to see Angelo Sunday morning.

The Ups. Seeing Angelo perform Sunday morning.






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