At Bristol West Indies on Sunday Big Tall Dave Toole’s mid-week 20/20 side took on the Cowboys in a 30/30 friendly match. However, since they were a few players short, and since the Cowboys like them, Grove and RT1 played for Hope. It should also be pointed out that Grove and RT1 are fickle turncoats.

Hope batted first and Toole and a bloke called Nigel strode manfully to the crease. Toole biffed a quick 18 and then was out to a very lame caught and bowled to Ubberpops. Grove then strode out and was out to a very lame leg-side dismissal off the bowling of the new ultimate-ringer called Simon; who was bowling at a million miles an hour and straight as a die… OK so he was bowling quite slow outside leg stump and had not played for 20 years.

After Aussie Pete departed without much fuss the bloke called Nigel and Sayid put on a very manly partnership. Sayid biffed mighty blows getting 48 while the bloke called Nigel kept hitting singles in a supporting style and then hit out a bit at the end for 60 not out. Winston hit 19 and frustrated the hell out of the next batsman in by getting out on the last ball.

While this match was happening there was a large christening party going on at Bristol West Indies that involved a huge multitude of kinder. After several pitch invasions DC2 took to herding small children from the field of play in a sheep dog style. If only he could have got them through the gate in the picket fencing he would have scored maximum points.

TT was the pick of the bowling getting 1 wicket for 6 off 3 overs. Although worth a mention is that Gretch emerged from behind the stumps to bowl 2 overs for 8 runs and getting 1 wicket.

The target for the Cowboys was set at 162 and Angelo and Grant strode manfully to the crease. Or at least Angelo pranced in the Italian style and Grant minced rather. Angelo was out quickly for a sprightly 2 and departed for a brighter future. Grant at the other end hung on as RT1 bullied him with top notch bowling; getting 4 overs, 3 maidens for 2 runs. Gant was eventually put out of his misery for 9 in an LBW style and after Grandpa Kelley was out for 3 it was up to Fat Boy and the ultimate-ringer Simon to rescue the innings.

The Fatster, with his very heavy bat, scored 30 while failing to reach the boundary even once; maybe he needs an even heavier bat or maybe he needs to eat more. He was eventually out to a rank full toss and the most amazing catch by a sprinting and diving Toole at mid-off. The ultimate-ringer Simon hit 15. In a sloe-moe finish to the innings the Cowboys got to 142 for 7. Fabien, who had not bowled in living memory delivered 4 overs for 20- runs getting 1 wicket.

So there you have it: Hope won over the Cowboys. It has to be said that the Cowboys might have suffered from choosing a side with 4 wicket keepers in it.

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