Casuals Result

Blind leading the Barking

Downs Saturday A Team v Casuals  0 – 1

(35” Moylan ) Wednesday 15th August at Frys.

Most of the Casuals team have been managers for cowboys teams before. And successful at that.

At home and abroad. As manager this season I was thinking I would have to compete with many opinions and of course this is only natural.  So I had to try to impose myself, make my plans clear, simple, and able to conduct at training. If we could take something from the training pitch we could really do something this season.  Many physical injuries had healed and we were being boosted with great spirit encouraged by “Skullduggery by the Sea”.

My first game in charge was against the Saturday Downs A Team. A quick, pacey, fast passing  team who were mostly 10 to 15 years our younger. Organisation started 3 weeks beforehand. Emails and texts went out. During this period I realised our keeper is blind.

Angelo, our new Guru, cant see to save toffee. No wonder he never replied to texts. How he kept us in the game a few times when we were really under the cosh, was ninja like. More importantly, what is he pouring  into our pint glasses?

So, I began to see my problems this year were less about opinions and the stereotypically cultural ones the cowboys impose on themselves, but more fundamental. How was this age ridden, half bloated, cobbled, menopausal bunch of misfits going to win the league and cup.

Well, I’ll tell you how. With passion, self organisation on the pitch, aggression to win, physical commitment and above all, team spirit.  It was like Chelsea in the Champions league but more interesting.

We fought like dogs – Paul C

Thanks to Nick for turning up injured in case someone else got injured and he had to come on.

He ran the line all game too.

Thanks to Ash for sorting the game.


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