Seconds Vrs. Bechington

it was a long way to go…it was very hot, the skies were clear the sun beat down. from moaning about the frigging or do i mean fucking? weather for months, at the first opportunity i moved the scorers bench into the shade.
after a certain amount of consultation it was decided that batting first gave us a chance to post a score, keep out of the sun and avoid staring down the barrel of 300 runs.
safari so good. we even won the toss, and then the journey began, or to be more exact, the brief outing.  no pun intended.
they bowled we batted, dave and stevo opened, steve having made himself available by being on holiday near the ground and on his way home.
as openers and indeed as any batsman, it is said you wait for the bad ball, punish it then wait for the next one.
there weren’t many, the ones there were were wides…yet again we faced talented kids, accurate talented bloody kids.  it was hard to get the ball away, there were a couple of streaky boundaries, extras and snatched singles, they played themselves in watching every ball. every one seemingly not only to have the batsman’s name on it but the entire batting order.  our honesty as umpires is admirable, excluding last week perhaps, and steve was given lbw on 4, after looking like he was set for a while.  it looked out and there wasn’t much debate from the sidelines.
dave littleton hit a stunning on drive, shot of our innings. 4 runs..he looked set, settled, in and confident. then chased a wide one and edged to the keeper.
the brave, unstoppable, apparently injured angelo bravely unstoppably and showing no sign of pain went in at three.
from there we proceeded to 85 all out.
i felt guilty at tea, we needed more runs.
it was a good tea, the french stick thing is catching on.
i wish we had had the weather for nets and game time this season, attitude, application, team spirit is fantastic. timidity and lack of practice a pain in the ass.
saturday or sunday, don’t matter, there is a core of fun, effort, friendship and collectivity in the twos at the mo and with a dry season we can go places, set new standards and enjoy ourselves.
it’s getting like scooby doo, we might have got away with it, but for those meddling kids.
there were some.. i should have mentioned this last week when dylan otterbeck, son of jeff played as a cowperson in what i think might have been his first league game at the tender age of 14? is this right jeff?
this week due to circumstances i really can’t be fucked to go into, we only had ten players…slightly better than the 9 it looked like at one point….
up steps lauren, nellie’s 13 year old daughter, a rounders player of some repute, her school team having just made the national finals…an arm to shame some of us, including me and an attitude to match.
STATO’S, lauren has joined a select group, by my pigeon reckoning, she is one of 7, 8 ? females to have played cricket for us and almost certainly the youngest…hail to our great club.
what else, contributions welcome please…….
oh yeah, they knocked it off in 13 overs, again, no pun intended.
nice pub afterwards, nice drive home…has anyone noticed since road speed has become so restrictive that dc2 always gets to where we are going within 10 minutes of everyone else….? can you imagine the advert………”and that’s why he’s alive today”.
bollocks, i usually finish with a quote or a paraphrase…
 can’t think of any this week, never mind. that’s what i get for being a tawt.
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