Easton Cowboys & Cowgirls Euro 2012 Predictor

With euro 2012 just around the corner and with this season coming to a close our attention turns to international football, it is time for another fundraiser to help fund our tournament. Its quite simple just predict the score for each of the group games and points will be awarded, the people with the highest score at the end of the group stages wins the money.

RULES: Just predict the scores for all the group games and then points will be awarded for the closeness of your prediction will get you a score, points for correct scores and correct results.

The scores will be added to a spreadsheet and all the scores will be totted up and there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd . This will just run for the group games (24 Games)

  • Points for Correct Goals per team 3 Points
  • Points for Correct Result 2 Points
  • Points for Group Rank Position 5 Points (Group positions will be decided by the results that are entered)

This means that there are a total of 8 points available per game, 3 points for getting each score right and two points for getting the right results. All predictions that are entered are put into a spreadsheet that will work out the finishing positions in each group based on predictions, if you guess the correct finishing positions in the group you will be awarded 5 points that means there are an extra 20 points (5 per team) available for each group.

Hope this makes sense to everybody any questions email Scott (scotthomas78@hotmail.com) please.

All entries and money are to be paid by 23:59 Thursday 7th June any late entries will be entered but scoring begins from the date of entry. Just fill in form above and email it back to me (scotthomas78@hotmail.com) mark them Euro’12 Predictions and get them to me before the closing date. Money will be collected by me.

Entry will be £5 and the more that enter the higher the prize and more money for the tournament funds.

Prizes will be as follow:

1st = 35% of takings
2nd = 10% of takings
3rd = 5% of takings.

Easton Cowboys & Cowgirls Euro 2012 Entry Form

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