Tournament Gazette March


The tournament is being held in Berrow, Somerset Friday 24th – Mon 27th August 2012. There will be football (mens and womens), cricket and netball.


We need a theme – suggestions please! Send any suggestions to Peace by 7th April.

Merchandising & Design

We’ve got 2 designs of pre-tournament T-shirts (£12 each) and a Cowboys / Cowgirls mug (£6) to sell before the tournament at all the fundraising events – bring your dosh!

We need designs for the tournament T-shirt to be sold only at the tournament – Please send any designs by 1st July 2012 – 2 winning designs will be printed – 1 kids tournament T-shirt and 1 adult T-shirt!! Send designs to Emma

Planning it

We have formed some committees to arrange different aspects of the tournament. More help is needed and appreciated….. To join speak to the person highlighted or email the address in brackets at the end of the group

Ents: Kim, Tash, Brendan, Sue, Paul M, Tom

Bar: Tim, Angelo, Dik, Bridget

Children’s: Cackk –

Site: Dik, Jody, Jack, Scottie, Phil, Danny, Malcolm, Marcus, Kim

Catering/food: Angelo, Mandie, Jack, Emma, Ru

Fundraising: Angelo, Annie, Martin, Jack, Emma, Ru , Zoe

We need to fundraise as much as possible before the tournament. Some events coming up are:

Thursday 5th April – Cowgirls ‘Camping it up’ Quiz

Sat 21st April, 8:00-whenever, End Of Season Party, Kings Square Art Space,

Saturday 28th April – ‘Bring (Brean!) the Heat’ party at Easton Community Centre

Sunday 6th May – Netball Fundraiser – enter a mixed team to play

Nigel – over 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s tournament – tbc

Cacck – 23rd June weekend away – possible fundraiser?

End of season Awards (end May / beg June) – poss to fundraise

July – pub Olypmics – tbc

We need some teams to take on the End of Seasons Awards night as a fundraiser and also a pub Olympics in July…At the moment Netball and Cricket have arranged some fundraising – we need the Football teams to do the same. Remember each team has a fundraising target of £500.


Please come along to give us a hand.

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