Remember The Fantasy

Don’t forget to give the Fantasy Cricket League a go.The Backroom Boys have put a lot of effort into this so let’s back them up and enter a team.

It’s easy. Keep it simple.

  1. Visit
  2. Choose a team name.
  3. Pay your money.
  4. You’ve got two weeks to work out what combination of players adds up to £100bn or you can do it straight away
  5. When you’ve got your players name them.

Don’t forget to check the site where you will find an online form to make it even easier.

There will be regular news and availability updates. Full backup support and information. Free counselling sessions for those who realise that they have picked the wrong skipper.

Remember, more teams, means more money goes to the tournament fund, means more money goes to the prize winners.

If you are struggling to pick a team contact us and we will help you pick one.



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