Cricket Weekend Friendlies As They Stand

Brian reports thus:

Sun 14th April vrs. Frenchay at Frenchay

Sat 21st April vrs. Whitchurch at Frenchay

Sat 21st April (Sat XI) vrs. Bath Exiles at away

Sun 22nd April vrs. Winford at Winford

Sun 22nd April vrs. Hinkley at Frenchay

Sat 28th April vrs Bath Exiles at away

Sun 29th April vrs Old England

Sat 2nd June vrs. Holton & Wertley at TBC

Mon 4th June vrs. 1-in-12 at Bradford (Yorkshire not -on-Avon)

Sat 2nd June this has been double booked and so we will play one of the fixtures but Brian is unsure which one at the moment.

Sun 1st July vrs. Buckfastleigh at Buckfastleigh

Sat 7th July vrs. Gold Leaf at TBC

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