Berrow Site Report

Scott reports thus:

  • Just some news on the site for everyone.
  • On Wednesday last week a group of us went on a site visit and this is what we found:
  • There is enough room for
  • two full size 11 a side pitches
  • 2/3 seven a side pitches
  • A full size cricket pitch
  • The netball court
  • There is room for cack (enough room for a little football pitch and a play area) the cack space is close to the village hall so if we suffer with weather the kids are not to far away from a dry space.
  • The camping field is huge and we were told that it was 9 acres in total.(plenty of room)
  • The changing rooms are brand new and the village hall is also brand new with a massive space near the bar.

Problems are the walk from the pitches to the camping field it is short walk along the road that has some drainage ditches (a bog snorkelling competition has been suggested) along it. I think the road needs to be well lit with please go slow signs(hand painted) and some sort of fencing along the ditch to stop people falling in.

There is a small caravan park near the camping site that may have some caravans for hire.
So the inviting of the teams and the proposed structure of each tournament can now start.

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