Will There Be A Second Coming?


Netball report thus:

The A’s just lost out to an old nemesis ‘Southside’ today 24-25. Caroline got player from them and Mare from us.

The Suburbans beat Bristol Athletic 4-0

Downs A beat Hare On The Hill 2-1

Downs B lost to St Andrews 4-1


The Ultra Casuals drew 1-1 with Voyager

So it is true. The Sunday Team have folded after their exit from the GFA Cup and their remaining fixtures have been awarded to the opposition. But will the phoenix rise from the ashes? There is a rumour that, even as I write this, Eddy if dusting off his cape and pulling his underpants over his tights. If ever the Sundays needed a second coming from the ‘Special One’ it is now.

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