Winning, Losing And Unknown Results


Netball report thus:

The 6’s beat TJ’s 32 -23 in the sunshine with Mare getting player from them and Lou and Vern from us.

The Too’s lost to Olveston with a very admiral score for being a player down 16-28. Carly got player from them and Rachel from us.

Well done everybody xx

Downs A beat Cotswool 2-6 and Downs beat Sneyd Park A 3-4.


The Sundays lost. The league website says that there was an away win awarded to Lebeqs but does not say why.

If the Old Men played they have not communicated their results. They are all so old that they panic at the very site of an abacus. Although apparently PC has just got a smart phone. If he gets a smart brain he might even be able to use it.

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