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Link to video.

Link to footage taken at the Copa America Tournament – some video of a talk by Gabriel Marques, from the Players of the Left, introducing his book of articles by fans discussing the politics and economics of football in Brazil.

I have posted a google translation of the article below.

p.s. If you watch to the end there is a rousing singsong – with a few familiar faces jumping around!


On January 29, 2012, in Colonia Caroya, a city that belongs to the Province of Cordoba, Argentina, was the international launch of the book “Botafogo, a Trivial Beyond Passion” as part of the programming I Copa America Soccer Alternative . The author and team member Pelada Left Gabriel Marques made a brief explanation on “portunhol” after the participants from various parts of the world, sing the anthem of the Botafogo Football and Races.

Below is the text that will come out in the Digital Magazine about the event, in Portuguese and Spanish.

MY BOOK OF THE COOKER is a partnership between the Publisher and Books Unlimited Football and Regatas Botafogo, a revolutionary design that aims to publish books written by fans. During 2010, several texts were published after the Glorious games in addition to Trivial blog, which formed the collection that makes up the first book published by the project: “Botafogo, a Passion Beyond the Trivial”, title winner of the poll promoted on the blog itself. The book contains thirty essays, not only analyze the issues and tactics of the game, but also relate the history of the club and initiatives, the role of passion for football fans and the general themes of the Company, such as culture, education, politics and economics .

By using a relaxed language, the book is one of the critical objectives necessary to accomplish the absurd situations that have occurred mainly in Brazil using football as a backdrop. Headquarters of several mega sports stadiums are built with public funds and millionaires then transferred to the private profit crunch occurs while historically achieved wages and rights are taken from the workers, families are violently and forcibly removed from their communities to work to reorganize the urban happen and enrich contractors, facilities pubic transport are increasingly precarious, the schedules are subject to the interests of television, encouraging individualistic logic of each watch games at home, the ticket prices are high etc.. All these conditions make it difficult for the fans to the games. Meanwhile, the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) Ricardo Teixeira, for many years dictating the direction of soccer in Brazil, continues its undemocratic actions, even with several corruption charges. It is worth noting that in 2010 created the National Association of Supporters and cheerleaders (ANT), which has carried out actions to combat the gentrification of Brazilian soccer, building up a petition to the dictator of CBF is investigated and advocating the democratization of Football .

In view of the author of “Botafogo, a Passion Beyond the Trivial,” as a physical education teacher and member of the ANT, Football, as a social phenomenon, can and should contribute to the formation of a youth critical reader and passionate. The Glorious Botafogo, club history and reference scenarios in Brazil and worldwide, has an important leadership role in this task to encourage links between the literature and this sports known and practiced worldwide. After several launch activities and dissemination in radio programs and events in Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, and Brasilia, occurred on January 29, 2012 the international launch of the book, in Colonia Caroya in the district of Córdoba -ARG, during the First Alternative Copa America Cup.

The opportunity to experience as a player and I play a CAA Football to others for marketing and competitivistas meet the views expressed by the author about sports. The author has the wish that the contents of the book presents Beyond the Trivial discussions and our daily actions point to the prospect of building a new human being, in addition to a Society for the Capital. Hasta la victoria siempre

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