Berrow It Is Then!

Last night, in a beauty contest between three sites, Berrow  had a late surge and was awarded the honor of hosting the 2012 Easton Cowboys & Cowgirls tournament. This will be help on August Bank Holiday Weekend (weekend of the  25th August).

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  1. Hey Easton boys and girls,

    here is Meik from Internationale Haerte in Hannover. It seems to be of course a new but also a fantastic place. We´re looking forward to be part of the community again after two years of absence. We would like to take part with a mans team (Internationale Haerte, 11 a side) and a women team (Die letzte Heldt, 7 a side). I also phoned Ian from ICE Neckarstrasse and we´re thinking about taking part in the cricket tournament as a mixed team, if there will be one. (Do we need anything special for that?). Please let me know as soon as possible, if that´s OK for you.
    In effusive anticipation,

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